Free Food for Points

Earn happy points when you use your card and use the points to get free food!

Every P 50 food purchase earns you one happy point. One happy point is equal to one (1) peso.

Monthly Cash Winners

Register and reload your happypl├╝s card for a chance to win up to P 100,000 every month! The more you reload, the more raffle entries you get.

  • P 100 = 1 raffle entry
  • P 300 = 5 raffle entries
  • P 500 = 10 raffle entries
  • P 1000 = 25 raffle entries
Fast Cashless Payments

No need for cash or wait for change.

Just tap the happypl├╝s card to pay for your food. When you run out of load, simply reload your card for a minimum of P 100.